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My names Megan im nearly 22 years old and from Australia and this is a place for me to post all my glorious Gilmore Girls feelings which Ihave fairly regularly

I’m so sorry I’ve been so inactive guys honestly I’ve become completely obsessed with The Mentalist. If anyone’s a fan my tumblr is

I hope to get back to this love soon but I think we all understand what it’s like when something takes over. I’ve even had both The Mentalist title tattooed on my ankle and Red johns symbol tattooed on my wrist. So yeah I’m in love but Gilmore girls still holds such an important piece in my heart (I intended to get that Luke’s Diner tattoo)

June 3, 2006 : the wedding that should have been

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Omfg I’m so fucking mad. Just after their huge ‘No Secrets’ discussion Luke fucking doesn’t tell his fiancé he may have a fucking daughter. I’m sorry but its this point in the show I start to lose my shit. All of Luke & Lorelais problems came from their lack of communication and after this huge moment when you finally think Yes! Their talking, they understand what keeping secrets does to a relationship. It’s what broke them up the first time. But no lets keep the fact you have a child for yourself… Oh and just about the whole town.

And then please keep her away from your fiancé because god knows who wants their fiancé and daughter to get along!!! I get it Luke was terrified he had just started his relationship with April but Jesus Christ the woman postponed her wedding to make you feel more comfortable but my god think about how this made Lorelai feel.

And no I don’t agree with Lorelai giving him an ultimatum. Not telling Luke about how she was feeling is once again how their lack of communication affected their relationship. And sleeping with Christopher. Messed up. I do blame the writers, to me this was not something Lorelai would do. But fuck how this shows what a selfish ‘friend’ Christopher is. I get it your in love with her. But he knew. He knew she was engaged. But a decent human being who has a friend crying to you about their relationship doesn’t take advantage of a situation like that. He knew she was in love with him. And I just hate the man. End of rant. For now.

God I think I even bet a patented Luke Danes rant.

Im quirky and have lots of pop culture knowledge.

Where is my Luke Danes?

Oh god why am I putting myself through this rewatch. Only up to their first break up in season 5 and im already in the fetal position crying. I’m screwed for season 7.